Thursday, 1 December 2011

Science Worksheet (Long or Short)

(A)  Fill in the blanks:

               (          taller               string               erasers               longer        )

1.  A coconut tree is (                          ) than a papaya tree.

2.  A pencil is (                         ) than a paper clip.

3.  I can use a (                          ) to measure my height.

4.  Paper clips and (                        ) can be used for measuring the length of a book.



Look at the picture above. Which animal has

(a)  a short tail but long ears?

(b)  long legs and a long neck?

(c)  a long tail?

(d)  a long nose?


Look at the school bus and the car above.

(a)  Which one is taller?

(b)  Which one is shorter?

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